Hi! My name is Ashley Young and I am 35-year-old happily married wife to one and mother to 3! My whole life I have tried to eat right and stay fit. Well all you mothers out there know how difficult it can be to lose the "baby weight." So I took up running and have been doing it for the past 2 1/2 years. I saw some improvement however not as much as I really wanted and was hoping for in 2 years time. I thought I was taking care of myself so why did I still have a "muffin top?" Then one day my friend told me about Marlene. I called her right away and began my 1/2 hour 3 days a week training sessions immediately. I started in May and have been with her since and haven't looked back. Working out with her has improved my strength, my balance, the tone to my muscles (people I don't know compliment me on my arms), my confidence and my eating habits. Marlene is like an encyclopedia with plythera of information about nutrition. I am not yet where I want to be for my fitness level but I know Marlene will get me there. She knows my goals, she knows my weaknesses and strengths and she challenges me to do my best and for that I am grateful. I have found something that I truly am passionate about and I am doing this for me and because of that I am becoming a better wife, mother and an all around good person.
Ashley Young :)

"Working with Marlene has been incredibly empowering! Not only has she helped me lose weight, lose inches, and increase my strength in only a few months, she really does put the 'personal' in personal training. She took the time to help me figure out what my body needed as far as exercise and nutrition, taking into account my goals and everything my body was going through, including nursing a baby, fibromyalgia, and prepping for my black belt test. Her expertise combined with her motivating character made training with her a valuable and life-changing experience."
Thanks, Marlene!
Take care.

Ashley Young
Hayley Eskey

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