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Jeff Harris-Certified Fitness Professional

      After being a "gym rat" for many years, I began leading group martial arts programs in the late 90ís, and have since added personal & small group fitness training to my still-growing resume.

     I strive to stay in touch with the latest fitness research & trends to keep training effective, safe, and interesting. As a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) & Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), I spend many hours at seminars and in independent study towards that end.

    Whatever your goals, level of fitness, or injuries, I can help you improve! From free weights, to kettlebells, to martial arts moves, & more, I'll use whatever is appropriate to get you where you want to go! Contact me today for your free consultation & together we can create a new, healthier, stronger, sturdier you!!

Marlene Harris-Certified Fitness Professional

   In addition to my Strength & Conditioning Specialist & Corrective Exercise Specialist certifications, I have a diverse background that encompasses a well-rounded mix of fitness & martial arts practice, teaching experience, & academic study. My academic work includes psychology, exercise physiology, nutrition, kinesiology, & honor's research in the psychological factors affecting immune function & chronic pain conditions. After an extended academic journey, I graduated with honors from ASU with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

   Prior to adding personal training to my skill set, I taught cardio-kickboxing and a martial arts/fitness mix to small groups at a local karate studio for over 10 years. My martial arts training includes Japanese sword (since 1994), bo staff, Shaolin Kenpo karate, & Modern Arnis. I hold rank in each & teaching certificates in both Japanese sword & Modern Arnis, & successfully completed the International Sports Sciences Association's Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning certification.

   My approach to fitness is a blend: variety & fun, cleverly concealing a foundation of solid training princples geared to generate results! Ready to get started? Call me & let's discuss your goals!
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