50+? Join with us! Here's why...

     1: Because we're in your “time zone” too (over 50), we understand your challenges & guide you accordingly. Declining strength, increasing fat, muscle and/or joint aches and pains, loss of movement & ability, stress, injuries, surgeries, medications... many of these gremlins sneak up on us in mid-life.
     Think back: when you were 25, did you have any idea of the physical challenges you would face in your 50's and beyond? Probably not! When we're in our 20s' we tend to feel as though we're “bullet-proof and immortal”. So you have to ask, would it be in your best interest to hire a young, ultra-fit coach who can't relate to the any of fitness obstacles you're facing?



2: The cornerstones of our 50+ fitness programming center on proper exercise selection & progressions appropriate to your unique situation & stage of life, These are critical to your success! Fact: From the around the age of 30 on, people (ALL people, both men & women!) will lose muscle mass! If allowed to run unchecked, this process will accelerate as we increase in age, decade by decade. This process has a name; “sarcopenia”, but it's a largely  unmentioned, yet high-impact facet of the aging process. Can you regain lost strength? Absolutely! Will you do that safely and effectively using the high-intensity methods typically seen in the average gym?  Not likely. What is likely is injury, the sense that you're being pushed too hard for your current fitness level and ability, followed by a sharp decline in your motivation to continue. In sum, you end up with even more challenges than you already face.

3: Need to lose fat for health, function,  or other reasons? Having dumped a bunch of junk from our 50+ trunks ourselves, we can guide you through this tricky, but possible process. Remember the good old days when if you wanted to drop some weight you just ate a bit less.,worked out a bit more, and “poof” the fluff would disappear in short order? Does it seem like it's different for you these days? It is. Due to a variety of factors, effective fat loss gets more complicated as we get older.
     Briefly, as you loss muscle mass and the strength and function that go with it, not only will your metabolic rate decline from the loss of muscle itself, but you will also be inclined to move less and less in general.  (Nice double-whammy, yes?) This means you will also burn less and less calories as you age. As such, it's only natural that if you continue to eat like you always have previously, you WILL gain fat. Being that changing our long-practiced eating habits can be challenging and difficult at mid-life, successful fat loss can seem like tall order. But, we've done it, let us show you how!
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